Singita: Our Food Journey Book

“Singita’s food offering is a core part of the guest experience, and its appeal extends well beyond beautiful menus. Our commitment to sustainability and upliftment is embedded in how our chefs source and prepare every ingredient, and we are mindful of our impact on our surrounding environment, and the importance of practising sustainability in the kitchens. For the first time, and in celebration of the brand’s food journey, Singita has brought together traditional and contemporary African-inspired recipes in a beautiful, 274-page cookbook, giving you a taste of safari at home.

Favourite recipes were carefully gathered from every region – from Tanzanian specialties like futari (sweet potato, butternut and coconut stew) to South African classics like malva pudding, and Zambezi beer-battered bream inspired by the catch of the day at SingitaPamushana Lodge in Zimbabwe. The book is also peppered with stories about the people behind the recipes; people like green-fingered entrepreneur David Shilabi who supplies the South African lodges with fresh produce from his vegetable garden.

From providing guests with delicious, nourishing fare to using seasonal ingredients from local growers and training the next generation of cooking stars at Singita’s Community Culinary Schools, the underlying mindset across all four regions is a dedication to making a positive impact – on the environment, as well as the communities living alongside the wilderness areas in which Singita operates.

Profits from the sale of the ‘Singita: Our FoodJourney’ will go to supporting the SingitaCommunity Culinary School in South Africa, Tanzania and Rwanda.  These incredibly successful community partnership projects help to develop the next generation of Singitachefs from the communities surrounding the lodges, fulfilling a local need for career opportunities.”



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