From humble beginnings as a lifestyle store, the business has grown to encompass interior design, architectural concepts, creative direction and visioning. And although Boyd’s founding partner Cécile Tilley retired many years ago, her influence is still keenly felt. Today Cécile & Boyd have two stores (one in Durban and Cape Town), two design studios and a host of private and hotel clients around the world and are honoured to have received many awards and accolades.

The company focuses on attention to detail and has an enduring fascination with creating a complete environment that has ensured that Cécile & Boyd have been at the forefront of interior design for more than 26 years. ‘It’s always been a holistic approach for us,’ says Boyd Ferguson, the co-founder and creative director of the company. ‘I suppose the trajectory of the business is directly related to that – the more of the environment we could affect, the better the outcome and the more we grew.’

As well as the contribution Cécile & Boyd hotel design has made to the conservation of vast pristine wilderness in Africa, the company also contributes a percentage of its annual profits towards an in-house charity foundation that creates healing and transformative spaces in renovated shipping containers that are then placed in township school grounds around the country.