Cécile & Boyd style is distinctive and best described as an alchemy of classic, contemporary, European and African influences that make for a unique and eclectic mix. But fundamental to our style is an innate ability to bring opposing elements together. The grand with the humble, the rough with the smooth, the hi-tech with the handmade, all are solicited in a holistic manner to ‘hold hands’ and thus create a unique atmosphere that
perfectly suits each client.

‘I’ve always had a passion for contrasts,’ explains Boyd. ‘And while I’ve always been interested in all design genres, over time what has felt more and more true to me has been to embrace nature.


Cécile & Boyd Interior Design offers a unique combination of Creative Direction, Interior Architectural Design and Interior Decoration for a holistic lifestyle concept in contemporary, innovative design for small hotels
and private residences.
Creative Direction leads the creative inspiration for the whole group and tailored design direction for projects.
 Our Interior Architecture service includes directing the appropriate architectural styles, appraisal of space planning to determine room flow and proportions, and includes the design concepts of electrical layouts, kitchens, bathrooms, spa's and the finishes as well as custom designed interior decoration. Interior Decoration covers a bespoke furniture, fabrics and equipment service.
Please contact design@cecileandboyd.com if you are interested in finding out more about our Interior Architecture and Interior Decoration services.


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